The Way I See It….

The Issues

  • Wars and Conflicts (for the past two millennia, slowly increasing in number, the Nuclear Arsenal, Terrorism)
  • Global Warming (Human caused heating up of the Planet, more Severe Weather, Climate Changes)
  • Environmental Destruction (Species and Habitat Loss, Half the world’s Trees gone, Desertification, Ocean Acidification, Ozone Depletion)
  • Pollution (City smog, chemical Pollution of Air, Water and Land)
  • World Poverty (Global inequality, Extreme Poverty, Income disparity causing different classes of people – the Poor, the Rich Elites, the Middle Class, etc.)
  • Unemployment (especially Workers seeking Work)
  • Unsustainable Debt, Deficits, Foreclosures, Business Bankruptcies, Bailouts, Tax Reductions, Tariffs and Incentives, Profiteering from the Exploitation of others
  • Resource Overconsumption (Food waste, Water availability, Mineral depletion, continued use of non-renewable damaging Fossil Fuels)
  • The Pandemic of 2020 (as well as other Viruses, Bio-engineered threats we create)
  • Personal Safety and Security, Surveillance, Citizen Rights
  • AI Artificial Intelligence, we Create, but eventually… Loss of Control

The Causes

  • Multiple Layers of governance
  • Money, Power and Control
  • Inequality, Elites
  • High Density City Living
  • Capitalism’s need for Growth and Free Markets making all the Decisions for us
  • Little if any True Representation for National or World Decisions (Lobbyists, Bribes, Coersion, Corruption)


  • The ONLY Solution [1]
  • Jacque Fresco’s Resource-based Economy[2]
  • Start over on a new Planet (see E. Musk for Tickets)[3]

[1] VillageSharing (the Best Solution)

[2] Designing The Future PDF (moneyless strategy)

[2] Designing The Future Video (moneyless strategy)

[3] Link to get onboard

Welcome to Village Sharing

This site is all about Sharing. Many people today are realizing Sharing is important, especially the Millennials, and are using this concept more and more in their daily lives.

Here we take the Sharing idea and put it on steroids, where we show you what happens when a Small community of no more than 1,000 people Share Everything.

Our sister site relies on the Sharing concept too, in our efforts to Eliminate Poverty worldwide.

We believe that by using just four words, all beginning with the letter “S” we can change the way the world’s Economy operates, the way Society performs and effectively change the World for the better. Read more in these pages about how Small, Simple, Sustainable and, of course, Sharing all function together generating the Synergy of the whole that will make the necessary changes we suggest. And if you don’t think we need any changes just quickly drop by The 26 and then perhaps you will reconsider.

Our Latest Site WorldFixing2020 details the EIGHT Major World Issues facing us today and a Simple Solution for Each. Start with the TTPP project and compare our Natural way of Reducing CO2 in the Atmosphere with some of those so called Technical solutions – Space Mirrors, synthetic ash-spewing Volcanoes, man-made Ocean Geyser-Clouds, dumping chemicals in the Ocean (already completed)…the list goes on and on.   

We have published the First Version of Our New Paradigm, what we believe is a Better way to Reorganize ourselves. Please, when you have a few minutes, read this over and send us your thoughts.

It is our belief that this New Paradigm, A New Social Organization (ANSO), will produce Change, rather than following our “Do Nothing” strategy and behaviour over the past 50 years. A Change that will Fix and completely eliminate the EIGHT World Issues we face today while offering us pleasant and unexpected Benefits, at the same time.


Rules and Guidelines for SVN

Universal World Rules and Guidelines for the Village Network (SVN):

  • When using the Shared Village Network (SVN), all Universal World Rules (UWR’s) and this document must always be adhered to and followed.
  • Respect for the Rights of all World Citizens and the NSV Community Rights must always be considered when using the SVN.
  • When using the SVN, it is necessary to understand and respect each NSV and their differences – NSV’s with possibly different local Rules, different Values, different Languages and/or Religions, different lifestyles and possibly different internal Goals and motivation.
  • Use of the SVN is a privilege, to allow communications, Sharing and assistance Village-to-Village, and/or Region-to-Region where applicable. SVN access must always be protected, and the SVN may only be used by a NSV member.
  • Maintenance of the SVN is carried out by many NSV’s across the planet. There is no one leader, one group or decision-maker that controls the SVN. Instead, it is operated on a Sharing mode basis using this document as both Rule/Guide, and Policy, when and where necessary.
  • This document may only be changed by submission to, and subsequent approval, at the World Assembly.
  • Each NSV must be a member of the SVN, but may limit access. At the lowest access level, a single email account would be maintained by the NSV in order to communicate, help make decisions, act as an emergency contact, and permit any other aspect of participation with the other 7,800,000 NSV’s worldwide in the SVN.
  • The following Table is an incomplete, partial list of products and services (Benefits) offered by the SVN to each NSV Village and their members. The complete list is available in the latest VOM:
    • Communications, email, video, TV, Radio
    • Search for products or services Shared worldwide, Region by Region
    • Post offers to Share (Surplus) Needs and Wants
    • Promote Vacation destinations
    • Radio and TV listings by Language, worldwide
    • Personals for Singles (MatchMaking)
    • Project Information Sharing
    • Requests for collaboration
    • News – Local, Regional, and World
    • Personal Family to Family, Single to Single communications
    • Events Calendar – worldwide
    • Recipes, Tips, Helpful information
    • Medical database
    • Online Education – courses
    • Online workers – Services, products, help
    • Online database
      1. Processing
      2. Tool Making
      3. Machines
    • Recognition, Awards, Achievements, Honorary Roles
    • World Directory of all NSV’s and Members
    • Promote NSV’s needing members (New or Existing)

Community Responsibilities in a NSV

Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of a NSV community:

  1. Existing members of a NSV, collectively, have the Right to reject an application for either work or new membership in the community. A probationary period of, for example, 6 months is also another method of exercising this community Right.
  2. Each NSV in a Region has the Right to accept or reject any proposal, Rule or idea being presented at the Regional level, which has the effect of stopping the proposal.
  3. Each NSV has the Right to define any and all religions supported within the Village, including the absence of any religion. This then permits the NSV to refuse Village membership based on supported Religions. For example, if a certain Village wishes to be totally Roman Catholic, they may refuse applications from those who are not Roman Catholic or those not intending to convert to Roman Catholic religion.
  4. Each NSV community has the Right to use any and all land and resources found within the NSV perimeter and vicinity, in order to help support the local community members. In exchange for this Right, the NSV has the Duty and Responsibility to take a custodial role (acting much like a Shephard) for this land and resources, by replacing, replanting, restoring from damage, or other such work as necessary.
  5. Each NSV community has the Right to maintain independence, to make it’s own decisions and Rules, maintain it’s own local Justice, while following the Universal World Rules and those of the SVN.

Rights of a NSV World Citizen

Rights of a World Citizen:

  1. The Right to a free lifetime Education at the Level ‘Good’ (K-12, College, University).
  2. The Right to free lifetime Medical Care at the Level ‘Good’.
  3. The Right to own a ‘Good’ quality single-family detached home and lot for my Family, with the ability to transfer ownership in the event of relocation.
  4. The Right to have healthy locally grown Farm-fresh food, pure drinking water and an ‘Adequate’ Level of Energy supplied to my family at no cost for a lifetime.
  5. The Right to live in a Small, Safe, Crime-free, Peaceful and Sustainable community of my choosing, where everything is Shared as equitably as possible within the community.
  6. The Right to have the opportunity to live an a community that uses a specific language, has particular ethnic customs or religions, or other legal (i.e. obeys the NSV and SVN Rules) differentiation as I may choose.
  7. The Right to have the opportunity to work in a location and job of my choosing with a lifetime work guarantee, in order to support my family and myself.
  8. The Right as an Adult (18 or older) to participate in my Community decision-making using Consensus.
  9. The Right to have all of my Basic Needs (Both Primary and Secondary) met at no cost for my lifetime.
  10. The Right to work a standard 240 work days per year at 8 hours per day. The remaining 125 days are considered non-working days, vacation days or holidays.
  11. Each NSV member has the Right to be judged by the total community Consensus for a local crime they may be accused of committing. In extreme cases, the local Assembly will form a Jury of 11 peers, with one member of the NSV selected as the Prosecuting attorney. A Defense attorney will be provided, typically from that Region or beyond, in order to conduct a formal trial. Justice for Crimes that cover or cross more than one NSV will be the responsibility of the NSV most affected by the crime, or the location of the last crime, if the former option does not apply.
  12. The Right to access each and every document, process, recipe, instruction, or piece of information in whatever form it may take. There are no secret formulas or information, and no patents. Everything in the SVN and all information retained by each NSV is Open and available to each member of each community, worldwide.
  13. The Right and Obligation/Duty to Share what you make, grow, raise or provide with each member of your local NSV community in as equitable a manner as possible. You may not trade, exchange, or barter in order to profit or benefit, you may only Share.
  14. The Right to live in as safe, as crime-free environment as possible, free of any illegal substances (as defined in my NSV). Those involved in criminal activities will be prosecuted by the NSV where these activities may occur.
  15. The Right for no-cost local transportation of goods as well as personal assistance for People with Disabilities (PWD) within my NSV.
  16. The Right to no-cost personal transportation vis Bus, Rail, Ferry, Ship or Air-Ship, and unlimited use of Drop-Off vehicles, any and all – to and from any world location.
  17. The Right to have cargo shipped no-cost via any means including Bus, Rail, Ferry, Ship, Air-Ship, Drop-Off Vehicle, to and from any world location, always attempting to use the shortest and most effective form of transportation.
  18. The Right to have my Needs made in such a way that they are very durable, easily repaired when broken, using standard, interchangeable parts. Each item should be of exceptional quality, custom fitted as necessary, and consume as little resources in the manufacturing and in each unit as possible, always favouring renewable over non-renewable materials.
  19. The Right to worship freely in any religion offered by a community. Many communities are non-denominational and welcome any and all new members regardless of religious affiliation.
  20. The Right to enjoy no-cost vacations with your Family anywhere in the world. Possible destinations include Theme parks, Cruise ships, Nature Preserves, B&B’s, Motels, Hotel visits, Rail excursions, Ocean exploration… Transportation to and from your destination is also at no-cost and is your Right as a World Citizen.
  21. The Right to decide what is important to you and your Family, without the requirement for a leader to intervene. Each NSV is leaderless, relying instead on total Village Consensus for all decisions. There are no owners, bosses, mayors, supervisors, councils, unions, politicians, or leaders, just small work teams using Consensus for decision-making and Village Consensus, should a team fail to make a decision.
  22. The Right to have Family and Individual ‘Wants’ produced or provided. When all ‘Needs’ in a Region have been met, resumption of each Family’s or Single adult’s ‘Wants’ continues. Each item is entered into the Village ‘Wants List’ in order, by date of receipt. This will allow the WC (and occasionally the VS or Farm) to schedule and then complete each item in an equitable manner. Each request may be something unique, a custom designed product or service, in fact anything a Family or Single adult wishes, within the Rules of the Village, the Universal World Rules, and the SVN Rules.
  23. The Right to have and enjoy no-cost entertainment, diverse restaurants featuring a wide variety of ethnic/foreign foods, commercial-free Radio and Television channels, Pubs and Bars (where permitted), theatrical, musical, and sporting events, automobile racing, as well as all local and Regional events, and much more.
  24. A Year-long Family Sabbatical beginning after the tenth year and every five years thereafter.

Universal World Rules for NSV’s

The Universal World Rules for NSV’s:

  1. All school-age children (5-17) must attend school(K-12), unless unable to due to their health issues.
  2. All working-age Single adults (18-64) must either work or attend school, unless unable to due to their health issues.
  3. Each Family must have at least one member who works. If unable to comply, one Single related or unrelated working-age adult will assist.
  4. A Tool or Machine may only assist, never replace, a worker.
  5. When the population of a NSV exceeds the Maximum (1000 people), a new NSV must be started.
  6. Each year, all NSV’s must replicate (start a new NSV) until the world’s population is converted.
  7. Each NSV must be about 100 ha’s with an enclosed Farm of approximately 60%. The land for the Farm must be arable, suitable for AgroForestry. The maximum NSV size including buffer land is 200 ha’s.
  8. A Region is no more than 100 NSV’s all in close proximity.
  9. Each NSV must provide single family detached, maximum two floor homes for all Families and groups of up to six Single adults living together.
  10. Each Region must have at least one Hospital.
  11. Each NSV must attempt to be 100% self-contained and Sustainable – providing all Basic Needs locally within the Village through Sharing. Limited Village-to-Village Sharing is permitted where necessary.
  12. All Village waste must be processed and/or disposed of Sustainably within the Village perimeter.
  13. A Region must satisfy all ‘Needs’ within the Region before beginning to create or make ‘Wants’.
  14. No person in the Sharing Village Network (SVN) may be discriminated against based on, but not limited to – age, gender, ethnicity, religion or race. Any Village may, however, refuse to accept a worker or Family member application based on the Consensus of that Village.
  15. All work is conducted by small leaderless Hamlet/Village work teams, using team Consensus for all their decisions. In the event a team is unable to reach a decision, that decision will revert or fall back to a Hamlet/Village Consensus.
  16. All members of each NSV are responsible for the maintenance of the air, land, the water and all the resources found within their Village and surrounding vicinity, acting as Custodians, Stewards or Shepherds for all including all plant and animal species therein.
  17. The use of man-made chemicals (as compared to natural methods) including fertilizers, herbicides, insect and rodent controls, is not permitted in any NSV or vicinity within the SVN.
  18. Every adult(from 18-64)with no limiting disabilities, must complete the four month Basic Safety/Security Training (BSST) by their 25th birthday. The BSST must be renewed through the three month program every five years thereafter until age 65.
  19. Those involved in criminal activities will be prosecuted with associated consequences, by the specific NSV where the offense occurred.
  20. Universally, the following substances are considered illegal, with associated consequences, in every NSV on the planet:
  • Cocaine and derivatives (Universal World Rule)
  • Heroin and derivatives (Universal World Rule)
  • Hallucinogenic and/or addictive substances such as ecstasy/shabu (Universal World Rule)

Additionally, each individual NSV may decide to add to this list such things as:

  • Marijuana
  • Tobacco
  • Guns and weapons, except for Security personnel
  • Alcohol for consumption
  • others, as specified

with the associated consequences defined accordingly.

What’s Wrong With The World?

What Needs to Change:

  • From up to Seven levels of Governance to no more than four Levels (Hamlet, Village, Region, World)
  • Decision-making should be Participatory not Representative, with all decisions including Justice flowing up from the lowest level (the 200 member Hamlet)
  • World Citizens will relocate to New Sharing Villages as they become available, moving from 1.5 million km2 of primarily urban land use to about 8 million km2 of habitable land from the over 100 million km2 of habitable land available on the planet
    • All Hamlets rely on small, leaderless Work-Teams that use Consensus for their day-to-day decision-making. Failure to decide at the Work-Team level forces the decision to revert to the Local Hamlet for a final decision
    • Each Sharing Village must operate as Sustainably as possible. Limited Village-to-Village Sharing is permitted to meet the Local Basic Needs as necessary
    • Each Hamlet/Village operates leaderless using only the Consensus of the Hamlet/Village for all decision-making and guidance
    • To ensure this works properly, each Individual/Family, Each Hamlet, Each Village and Region agrees to follow a Few Simple Rules, these Responsibilities using these Guidelines documented below
    • Each Village across the planet is connected to every other Village for help in Emergencies and Disasters, to identify work opportunities, for Individual and Family connectivity, for Local, Regional and World news, for Notices and Instructions, and many other reasons.
      • Connectivity may be Online in real-time, Offline, synchronous or asynchronous, as determined by each Village.
    • Basic Needs, both Primary and Secondary are defined here
  • Countries with Colonies, Territories or small Countries under their control must relinquish this control in favour of NSV’s within Regions of the concerned areas above.
  • Corporations, especially multinational Companies must relinquish their Right to act as an Individual, to act as a Person, and relinquish all associated Rights and Responsibilities
  • An Individual must relinquish the Right to benefit financially from the labour of another

Links to:

Future Needs


Yesterday I decided to satisfy myself that the figure I had seen – 450 million Unemployed worldwide – was correct.

I took the 262 Countries/Territories, their Populations and the latest available Unemployment Rates for each and found to my horror there were more that 582 million Unemployed. Worse still, many of the Rates were not current and I am sure you read the news of the huge numbers of Unemployed in almost every country due to Covid-19 in 2020.

So now we have these new, longterm Unemployed workers and Families slowly dropping into Poverty (which I calculated as over 21% of the world’s population before the Virus hit).

Imagine all the lost work, all the lost effort 582 million workers could add to the Global Common Good!

While I was busy with these calculations, the world population continues to grow, at the same time the necessary Growth to support Capitalism shrinks daily as we struggle with a Second Wave of Covid-19.

Here is an interesting Calculation:

The world is growing in population, two new members every second. That translates into 7,230 new babies every hour, 173,516 new world citizens every day or 63,333,333 more of us on average every year for the next 30 years.


Lets say, it would take three workers three months to construct one House for a small family.

Lets further assume an average family size of say three members in each. This means we would need 5,277,778 workers for one year to construct new houses for all the New Members that year.

But there are other areas where we need workers: food, water/waste, clothing, education, health care, in short, we need more workers to cover all the Basic Needs of each world citizen.

In this case I will use 43% of the workforce, much less than the percentage used by many developed nations but, I believe, sufficient to meet all the needs (Not Wants) of a Small 1,000 member community.

Now we find house construction takes about 19% of the workforce, leaving us 81% or 21,955,556 workers left to handle growing and raising Food, generating Energy, supplying the necessary products and the remaining Service Needs including Education, Medical Care, Maintenance, Spiritual, Entertainment and so on.

The New Sharing Village

Now, using our Small Village model, we find we need 63,333 New Small Villages each year for 30 years to house all the New members joining us.

If we use the strategy of computer programming and AI – Replication – we could easily complete preparatory Startup work and then build all the Villages in just Five Years, converting the currently untenable Dense (20,000people /km2 or more), Slum/Squattor-infested, Virus-generators we call Cities and Mega-Cities into 7,900,000 New Sharing Small, Safe and Sustainable peaceful places to thrive in, as we raise our Families respecting Nature, the Environment and our Diversity, with a wide variety of abilities, ancestry, heritage, culture, customs and spiritual beliefs.

A place for your creativity, inventiveness and ideas. The New Sharing Villages range from High Tech, No Tech and everything else in-between.


What’s coming soon I expect will be the Last or Final Depression, much worse than, we are told, worse than The Great Recession of 2008 (where Hermit the Writer lost an Internet Business with over 100 web sites), and perhaps even worse than the Great Depression of 1929-1939.

So far there are 177 countries either forecast to be (150), or are confirmed to be (27) in Recession today. Those confirmed include the USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Spain and the UK.

Don’t leave this problem to Politicians and Governments for a Solution, unless you enjoy lining up three deep for the “free Soup Kitchen”.

Please contact us to get Involved, to Help.

Go to Village Sharing then click Contact at the top of the page, fill in your contact (email) info and then click the Submit button. That’s it!

Additional Information:

List of Countries and number of New Sharing Villages (NSVs) needed

The ONLY Solution

The ONLY Solution – Reorganize

Covid-19 is a nasty Virus that has infiltrated the lives of every citizen on this planet.

It is not going to go away peacefully and will most likely be the major cause of a worldwide Depression – much worse than the Great Recession of 2008 and perhaps even more devastating than the Great Depression of 1929-1939.

You can’t run away and hide, it will find you, eventually.

One country with 1,634 cities/municipalities has Covid-19 cases in 1,554 of them as of August 24,2020 and most likely will soon have cases in all cities/municipalities in that country, as the virus transfers from individual to individual, from location to location and from country to country.

Even an effective vaccine given to/forced on each member of the world community might take one or more years to complete, assuming the initial vaccine offers effective protection, with perhaps additional booster shots from time to time, thereafter.

We believe the best and ONLY Solution at this point, to avoid becoming members of the “soup-kitchen lineups” we expect will be with us very soon, is to move.

To relocate, to construct and then move into Small Sharing Sustainable communities (NSV’s). Where Family is respected and represents a refuge from the Wars and Conflicts, the Poverty, the Pollution and Environmental Destruction, the Viral Infection, and the Massive Unemployment that our current Organization has fostered, and then foisted upon us.

Escape to a life in a very small community (a Village of no more than 1,000 members) where you will recognize all of your friends and neighbours as well as any stranger who might enter your Village.

You work there perhaps growing edible crops on the local Farm, perhaps constructing Homes for the community, in other words providing the Basic Needs for you and your Family, for your friends and neighbours including Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing and Energy – the Primary Basic Needs.

Others in your Village Teach, Maintain Services, Entertain, Treat Illness, etc. – the Secondary Basic Needs you and your Family, Friends and Neighbours (as well as a few visitors from time to time) need to once again enjoy life – a much better ‘New Normal’, don’t you think?

Please contact us to get Involved, to Help.

Go to Village Sharing then click Contact at the top of the page, fill in the form and then click the Submit button. That’s it!

Additional Information:

List of Countries and number of New Sharing Villages (NSVs) needed

The ONLY Solution