Welcome to Village Sharing

This site is all about Sharing. Many people today are realizing Sharing is important, especially the Millennials, and are using this concept more and more in their daily lives.

Here we take the Sharing idea and put it on steroids, where we show you what happens when a Small community of no more than 1,000 people Share Everything.

Our sister site relies on the Sharing concept too, in our efforts to Eliminate Poverty worldwide.

We believe that by using just four words, all beginning with the letter “S” we can change the way the world’s Economy operates, the way Society performs and effectively change the World for the better. Read more in these pages about how Small, Simple, Sustainable and, of course, Sharing all function together generating the Synergy of the whole that will make the necessary changes we suggest. And if you don’t think we need any changes just quickly drop by The 26 and then perhaps you will reconsider.