The Way I See It….

The Issues

  • Wars and Conflicts (for the past two millennia, slowly increasing in number, the Nuclear Arsenal (13,410), Terrorism)
  • Global Warming (Human caused heating up of the Planet, more Severe Weather, Climate Changes)
  • Environmental Destruction (Species and Habitat Loss, Half the world’s Trees gone, Desertification, Ocean Acidification, Ozone Depletion)
  • Pollution (City smog, chemical Pollution of Air, Water and Land)
  • World Poverty (Global inequality, Extreme Poverty, Income disparity causing different classes of people – the Poor, the Rich Elites, the Middle Class, etc.)
  • Unemployment (especially Workers seeking Work)
  • Unsustainable Debt, Deficits, Foreclosures, Business Bankruptcies, Bailouts, Tax Reductions, Tariffs and Incentives, Profiteering from the Exploitation of others
  • Resource Over-consumption (Food waste, Water availability, Mineral depletion, continued use of non-renewable damaging Fossil Fuels)
  • The Pandemic of 2020 (as well as other Viruses, Bio-engineered threats we create)
  • Personal Safety and Security, Surveillance, Citizen Rights
  • AI Artificial Intelligence, we Create, but eventually… Loss of Control

The Causes

  • Multiple Layers of governance
  • Money, Power and Control
  • Inequality, Elites
  • High Density City Living
  • Capitalism’s need for Growth and Free Markets making all the Decisions for us
  • Little if any True Representation for National or World Decisions (Lobbyists, Bribes, Coersion, Corruption)


  • The ONLY Solution [1]
  • Jacque Fresco’s Resource-based Economy[2]
  • Start over on a new Planet (see E. Musk for Tickets)[3]

[1] VillageSharing (the Best Solution)

[2] Designing The Future PDF (moneyless strategy)

[2] Designing The Future Video (moneyless strategy)

[3] Link to get onboard

Welcome to Village Sharing

This site is all about Sharing. Many people today are realizing Sharing is important, especially the Millennials, and are using this concept more and more in their daily lives.

Here we take the Sharing idea and put it on steroids, where we show you what happens when a Small community of no more than 1,000 people Share Everything.

Our sister site relies on the Sharing concept too, in our efforts to Eliminate Poverty worldwide.

We believe that by using just four words, all beginning with the letter “S” we can change the way the world’s Economy operates, the way Society performs and effectively change the World for the better. Read more in these pages about how Small, Simple, Sustainable and, of course, Sharing all function together generating the Synergy of the whole that will make the necessary changes we suggest. And if you don’t think we need any changes just quickly drop by The 26 and then perhaps you will reconsider.

Our Latest Site WorldFixing2020 details the EIGHT Major World Issues facing us today and a Simple Solution for Each. Start with the TTPP project and compare our Natural way of Reducing CO2 in the Atmosphere with some of those so called Technical solutions – Space Mirrors, synthetic ash-spewing Volcanoes, man-made Ocean Geyser-Clouds, dumping chemicals in the Ocean (already completed)…the list goes on and on.   

We have published the First Version of Our New Paradigm, what we believe is a Better way to Reorganize ourselves. Please, when you have a few minutes, read this over and send us your thoughts.

It is our belief that this New Paradigm, A New Social Organization (ANSO), will produce Change, rather than following our “Do Nothing” strategy and behaviour over the past 50 years. A Change that will Fix and completely eliminate the EIGHT World Issues we face today while offering us pleasant and unexpected Benefits, at the same time.


Covid-19 Countries

I have focused on Daily New Cases of COVID-19 as I research and occasionally report on how the world battle of the Pandemic is going.

I have purposefully, up to now, avoided looking at Total cases, Testing numbers, Deaths and Recoveries.

However, with the world record 153,669 New Cases yesterday in the USA, I began to wonder just how many of these New Cases turn into deaths, and how were other countries faring.

Using a rate based on Number of Deaths per 1 million population I produced the following table, and thought perhaps others may be interested to know where their country falls.

(As this is, I consider, a very sensitive topic for most, I apologize in advance for any errors that may have crept in as I created the Table).

Covid-19 Image courtesy: Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Our Legacy

A female Author I came across recently, I thought said it best – in another few months when I turn 75, I will be entering “the last quarter of my life”.

As a Baby Boomer, I am very much saddened with the Legacy our generation leaves behind.

As a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youth on a Tour of our local Nuclear Reactor, I was filled with Hope for the future.

The Golden age at the turn of the Century was imminent, just decades away.

But, we used up the Oil as if it was Water, we turned Agriculture – the Food that nourished us – into successful Businesses that added to the wealth flowing up to a select few, at the expense of the very very many.

With perhaps a few years in front of me, I feel obligated, driven, and even now full of energy to rectify the wrongs, to fix our planet,

as Buckminster Fuller stated in 1969 its: “…pulling out of humanity’s otherwise fatal nose dive into oblivion”.

Our Plan, Our Strategy is very Simple – we call it STBOP.

We intend to employ Sharing and Distancing ourselves in Smaller Communities.

That’s it, Easy to Understand, Easy to Do.

Our Legacy? Only Time will tell ……

Please help:

A Movement

Image by maja7777 from Pixabay

A Movement :

  • Needs a base number of members
  • Needs an effective Communications system
  • Needs Goals, time-based, concrete, and measurable
  • Needs an overall Plan, a Plan members can subscribe to, can Promote and can follow
  • Should, for ONLINE work, be composed of small groups, no larger than 150 members. Where these groups can use Consensus for their decision-making, for all their decision-making. Trust is necessary ONLINE and can only be earned over time and through demonstration, since true face-to-face Trust is virtually impossible ONLINE
  • because it is not face-to-face contact ONLINE, may necessitate ‘Project Founders’ deciding certain ONLINE group decisions may need to be overridden or overruled by the ‘group Founders’ should they feel or believe a decision would, or even might lead to a diversion from the overall Goals of the Project.

This Simple Movement

  • A Social Movement – most definitely.
  • Will it Change the World and make it a Better Place for humans to live in – Yes, this is My hope, this is Our Hope.
  • 1969 – Buckminster Fuller, Book: (Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth), “…pulling out of humanity’s otherwise fatal nose dive into oblivion”.
  • and Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
  • How is “This Simple Movement” different? – It is not Revolutionary in the sense of civil disobedience, of armed conflict or civil war. Rather it is more Evolutionary with Momentum as it’s driver, it’s force to carry out it’s Mission.
  • It’s Mission? – Simply put, to stop all of the things that everyone knows to be wrong, knows to be Issues we all face every day, but feel powerless to stop or Change.
  • Our Momentum comes from a collective force of one to two million people, ordinary people (not Activists or Disruptives) who wish to Volunteer to effect this Change we so desperately need, before our entire Species – Home genus – before the latest version – Homo Sapiens disappears forever.
  • The Changes We want?
    • Wars, the threat of Wars and Conflicts to Stop.
    • The Nuclear Arsenal (currently about 13,410) be safely demolished.
    • Global Warming of our planet to quickly reverse direction.
    • We want to create stress-free, safe, peaceful Communities all across the planet. Places where Family Values such as Co-operation, Loyalty and Trust abound.
    • We want to reduce crime, corruption, greed, inequality, drug abuse, to reduce pollution and environmental destruction through a Simple set of Changes that are Easy to understand and Easy to implement.
  • When This Simple Movement, this Project is complete at the end of Five years, will the New World be filled with gleaming Towers rising up in New Cities everywhere, with high-speed Bullet Trains, flying Personal Vehicles navigating around the Skyscrapers, or will it look different? – Much, Much different:
    • A non-monetary, a money-less, a Resource-based economy.
    • Where we, all of us live in Small, Sustainable ground-level Communities.
    • A Diversity of living from super-high-tech to no-tech and all the thousands of variations in between. Where we, each of us can find a home with a certain language, a culture with specific customs and heritage, with specific spiritual needs, or not, a certain geography, living in one of about eight million New Sharing Villages all across the planet.
    • How is this even possible? – A famous President of a country directed the order to have astronauts safely land on the Moon and return to Earth – all within ten years.
      • Here this is NOT Rocket Science, we already know how to do this, and most of us know what life in small towns and villages is really like.
      • We simply use Replication instead of $Compound Interest$ to get us there this time.
    • If you would like to join us as an active Volunteer, a participant, a supporter, or even to just bring us a few cookies and a glass of lemonade from time to time, please signup [1] – we, the Planet and Humanity need your help today. {Our world population is increasing at an average rate of 63,333,333 new people every year (that’s about 2 new babies every second) until 2050. Do we really want them to join us in this polluted, war-torn, warming and devastated world of today?}

Further Info:

[1] Signup Here

Our New Paradigm

The Only Solution


Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

We are all at a Crossroads.

Our current level, a Personalistic Level of being with self and other men, as explained by Psychologist Dr. C W Graves in the Futurist/1974, is changing to “the Cognitive Level of existence, a chasm of unbelievable depth of meaning is crossed…

the gap between getting and giving,

taking and contributing,

destroying and constructing,

a gap between deficiency or deficit motivation,

and growth or abundance motivation.

It is the gap between similarity to animals and dissimilarity to animals, because only man is possessed of a future orientation.”

I am personally convinced two of the key Changes Humanity must make are both strange and foreign to most, but so necessary, nonetheless.

If we are to survive on this planet, which scientists are beginning to suggest may be very unique, some suggest a one-of-a-kind occurrence in our Galaxy or possibly even in the entire Universe, if we are to survive we must Change soon and Drastically.

We all live with the ongoing Wars and Conflicts, with a world nuclear arsenal of about 15,000, we promote and bought SUV’s worldwide last year before the pandemic, ignoring Global Warming and most likely completely negating any benefits we might have seen from the new Electric vehicles.

We live with our foolish decisions to underfund Health Care in most countries knowing the next pandemic is not that far away, and now has forced us to decide which is more important – restoration and ongoing Growth of the economy or watching, measuring and trying to limit deaths due to the Pandemic.

When the next pandemic arrives, will we be any better off or will we suffer again as we do today.

We must see the world Change Soon.

If you would care to understand more of the details of Climate Change, this new Video TED: 10 Years to Transform Humanity (I just finished watching it and that prompted this post) should convince you.

Here are my two simple ideas that I have researched extensively over the past number of years and then tried with little success to promote:

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

1) We, all of us need to form Small Sustainable ground-level Communities all across the planet, using a 1,000 sq m/person footprint to start.

2) We then must operate our Small Leaderless Hamlets/Villages using a non-monetary, a money-less, a Sharing economy. Local Sharing, attempting 99-100% self-sufficiency, with all decision-making using just the Consensus of the Hamlet (max. 200 members). Village decisions flow upward from the five local Hamlets, up again to a Region (100 Villages) and finally the Hamlet decisions flow up to the World. [note, this is expected to be an extremely slow process, but are there really a lot of world decisions needed to be made? currently there are up to Seven Levels of Governance for the 265 countries/territories]

Please ask yourself, what are the Plans, the Strategies, the Projects in place to make the necessary Changes?

A Pilot Village as I described above could be erected very quickly at a one-time cost of $10 million, housing 1,000 of the recently Unemployed or those under the Poverty Line. Anyone interested?

My posts:

The ONLY Solution



Image by S K from Pixabay

Having just finished reading Elina St-Onge’s book(2014): “How to Change the World”, the feeling of hope and inspiration was overwhelming.

Her words in just the first 62 pages, her simple and clear explanation of why we all are where we are today, but more importantly a vision of a money-less world seemed so clear and easy to understand that I felt compelled to start a new Movement.

Before I continue with this, I am afraid, this rather long post, I will make it easier for you millennials, you gamers with short attention spans. Mostly because of my advanced age, I may wander, wander off topic, I may digress from time to time, and to help you when that happens, I will mark the offending section(s) with a few ‘DDDDDD’s so you skip over or come back later to see what my words may have said.

All good.

Lets begin.

I call the Movement OOP, which stands for Occupy Our Planet, and it’s based loosely on the Occupy Movement that sprung up around 2011 after the Great Recession of 2008.

On the stroke of midnight on the 31st of October we, everyone that has read or Shared this post or has heard about the OOP Movement will – well just before I divulge our super-secret plans, let me first explain what Fake News was like back before the Millennial date changed.


Like most programmers of the time, laziness was a trait many of us adopted. Copy a few lines from here, reuse a subroutine from some old code you wrote, that sort of thing.

One specific shortcut we mostly all used back then was when working with dates we used just the last two digits for comparison For example 84 is greater than 74 (1984 > 1974).

Saving time to code, YES (remember “time is money”).

Less code to enter, YES, but as we approached the century change 1999-2000 we, all of us just hoped those old programs we had created would either still work or had been long-ago sent to the empty bit-bucket for recycling, because of course 1994 > 2000 is not going to work correctly in those old programs.

The Y2000 the Y2K problem that had the entire world in a tizzy back then was really not a problem at all and thankfully passed quietly and quickly for us now old-time ‘lazy programmers’ but certainly created sensational worry for the latest crop of IT professionals, with the Bankers preparing for the worst, and many others in various financial circles worrying a lot at the time.

Now that I think of it again, it was really more of an issue then because you couldn’t just go down to your favourite electronics store and return with your wheelbarrow filled with Giga and Tera-bytes of RAM, of memory storage. You see programmers in those days had to really conserve, to really save space for very small memory computers. Those were the days when Mainframe computers had 256 K (that’s right 256,000 bytes) of Ram, or working memory; or maybe even 512K of Total memory for any of our programs running on certain Mainframe University computers, for example.

Those were the days.


But I digress, lets continue with our super-secret plans.

On the night of Halloween in many countries, as the clock hits 00:00, we, all of us will begin the OOPS (the Occupy Our Planet in Secret).

Simultaneously, in unison, we will all snap our fingers, create a loud clicking sound using the thumb and index finger, or perhaps the thumb and the next finger (note, for more volume, you may wet the two fingers before starting).

With everyone across the planet participating at exactly the same moment, we expect, our hypothesis suggests a miraculous change will take place.

Our only concern, and one easily remedied is our planet has a variety of Time Zones. However, if we all use the GMT time zone as a reference, this should not be an issue, thus synchronizing to the millisecond our ‘common snap’.

In that instant, sort of like just after the Big Bang, we will find a world transformed. Just as St Onge explained, our combined effort will have changed all of our economies from the current profiteering, the money-caused greed, the envy of others with more bling, the crime corruption and violence, our ongoing warring conflicts and now terrorism – all of this gone in an instant, changed to a non-monetary, a money-less economy, which would, of course, fix all of the above.

All the Workers making Basic Needs for us all will continue to Work.

Farmers will still Grow and Raise food for everyone.

However, most of the Workers in the Financial sector will be temporarily Unemployed until they can find Work that is necessary for the Common Good.

Remember – October 31st at the stroke of Midnight, when all the scary creatures, the goblins, the witches, when all of the monsters show up for Halloween, remember what you need to do (OOP…. our little Secret).